2009-2010 NBA Season Scenarios: Where Amazing Happens

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Where amazing happens - NBA 2009-2010

I have just read an interesting article, titled The NBA’s Top Ten Storylines For The 2009-10 Season. I thought I will just share it with JBOMB readers – It’s interesting and will keep you guessing whether the stories will end happy or sad.

Here are the Top 10 scenarios that will keep you entertained to 2009-2010 NBA season that is claimed as one of the best seasons ever (with our very own different perspective on the proposed stories):

  • 10. Wizards top the Eastern Conference
    The Celtics, Cavs and Magic are still strong contenders for Eastern Conference Title, but the Wizards are lurking at their back to steal the title (If Agent Zero stays healthy all season) – Just look into this lineup: Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison to lead the team, with Randy Foye and Brendan Haywood to support – Don’t forget Fab Oberto (one of the most underrated NBA ballers,) Mike Miller and Mike James to burn from the bench (or even an occasional start.)
  • 9. Rising sophomores
    With the likes of Derrick Rose (2009 NBA ROY), OJ Mayo, Brook Lopez, Michael Beasley, Anthony Randolph, and some others, the sophomores will burn the league with their better experience and skills. Derrick will lead the pack, especially after the departure of Ben Gordon from the Bulls.
  • 8. Rookies not as bad as advertised
    2009 NBA Draft seems lack depth, but the Top 10 picks are strong. But I have a hunch that Grizzlies’ #2 Pick, Hasheem Thabeet, will dominate the paint and the draft class with his strong inside presence and size (7’3″ – 263 lbs.)
  • 7. All-Stars first timers
    There are some candidates that will play in the NBA All-Stars game for the first time – Kevin Durant, Deron Williams, and Al Jefferson. Maybe Derrick Rose. Maybe Rajon Rondo?
  • 6. The Spurs still have it
    They are old and tired (sorry, guys!) – They are also having a Tony Parker problem early this season. I’m not sure that Spurs’ team chemistry is as good as before. But with the great pre-season trade move that brings in Richard Jefferson in and keeps Tony Parker and Roger Mason Jr. to play in black-and-white uniform, they are still a strong Western Conference title contender.
  • 5. KG = title
    No KG, no title for the Celtics. It proved true last season, after all. How about this season? Kevin Garnett is revved-up that guarantee NBA Champs in 2010 and 2011. I have my doubts, but who knows? Tenacity and Passion are contagious. If Rondo passes the ball better and keeps the turnovers count low, he is definitely one of the cornerstone of the Celtics.
  • 4. VC will do more good to the Magic than Hedo did
    Agreed. ‘Nuff said.
  • 3. Finals: Shaq and LeBron vs. Kobe?
    Highly probable, unless Shaq is having a problem sharing the limelight with LeBron (but Shaq is a wise ol’ man this past years.) Cavs look scary this season – Imagine Shaq and LeBron slammin’ and dunkin’ (with Shaq taunts the opposing Centers.)
  • 2. Will the Lakers repeat?
    Strong probability. With the acquisition of Ron Artest (despite losing Trevor Ariza), the Lakers get all the perimeter defense they need to repeat. And Ron’s well-known bad rep is under a strong supervision of Phil Jackson the Master Zen – We shouldn’t worry on this.
  • 1. Will LeBron remains a Cavs baller? What about the others?
    LeBron is pursued by the Knicks for quite a long time. If he changes his mind about staying with the Cavs, the Knicks will try everything they can to get the King. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are less likely to stay with the Heat and Raptors, given the fact that both team are not performing well.

What do you think of the story lines?

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