5 Greatest NBA Off-Season Trade Moves of the Decade

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Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce - Trade of the decade

I just finished reading a headline article on NBA.com, and I thought I would like to share my thought on it.

The article list 10 important off-season moves from 1989-1990 NBA season to 2008-2009 NBA season (2 decades) than change the involved NBA teams’ fate.

To focus on the trade of the decade, here are five greatest NBA off-season moves from 1999-2000 season:

  1. July 18, 2001 – Suns trade Jason Kidd and Chris Dudley to Nets for Stephon Marbury, Johnny Newman and Soumalia Samake
    Jason Kidd turns thing around for the Nets. Teamed with Draft-day acquisition Richard Jefferson and sophomore Kenyon Martin a.k.a. K-Mart, the Nets won 50 games for the first time since they were an ABA team. They won their first-ever Atlantic Division and reached the 2001 NBA Finals.
  2. July 17, 2002 – Pistons sign Chauncey Billups; Sept. 11, 2002 – Wizards trade Richard Hamilton, Hubert Davis and Bobby Simmons to Pistons for Jerry Stackhouse, Brian Cardinal and Ratko Varda
    The Pistons started paving the road to their NBA Champs title by signing Chauncey Billups – then a baller playing a mediocre role on his previous team – Chauncey then reached his career best 16.2 ppg in 2002-2003 NBA season. Rip Hamilton, already a scoring thread in Wizards immediately became the man to score off screen game and became the league’s most effective scorer off screens in Detroit.
  3. June 24, 2004 – Mavericks trade Antawn Jamison to Wizards for Devin Harris, Christian Laettner and Jerry Stackhouse
    Jamison quickly tuned things around in Wizards – Along with Gilbert Arenas and Larry Hughes (ex-Wiz now) help the franchise to reach 45 wins in 2004-2005 season – the first time since 1970s.
  4. July 14, 2004 – Lakers trade Shaquille O’Neal to Heat for Brian Grant, Lamar Odom, a 2006 first-round draft pick and a 2007 second-round draft pick
    Shaq’s dispute with Kobe helped Miami to land a superstar and game-changer. Immediately, Shaq, together with Wade, lifted the Heats from 43 to 59 wins to play in Eastern Conference Finals the first time since 1997. The second season Shaq played with the Heats, they won the NBA Champs, defeating the Mavs 4-2.
  5. June 28, 2007 – Sonics trade Ray Allen and Glen Davis to Celtics for Jeff Green, Wally Szczerbiak, Delonte West and a 2008 second-round draft pick; July 31, 2007 – Timberwolves trade Kevin Garnett to Celtics for Ryan Gomes, Gerald Green, Al Jefferson, Theo Ratliff, Sebastian Telfair, and two 2009 first-round draft picks
    This is the trade of the decade – Celtics successfully land 2 superstars in Ray Allen and KG, and run-rampant the league with 66 wins (the most since 1986.) Along with the well-established Paul Pierce, the Celtics grabbed their 17th NBA Champs title.

What’s your best game-changing off-season transaction of the decade?

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